15+ Website Patterns

Click & Switch Between 15+ Patterns

Customize your website with a click! CM Enterprise offers a library of over 15 pre-designed patterns. Effortlessly switch between captivating styles, including color schemes, fonts, and layouts – all with a single click. CM Enterprise empowers you to transform your website’s look and feel in seconds, making design changes a breeze.

Custom Core Blocks and Style Variations

Elevate your website with Core Blocks and Style variations

CM Enterprise Theme’s Core Blocks and Style variations empower you to craft unique buttons, lists, and covers. Effortlessly create multiple styles and switch between style variations to control fonts and colors. A website that’s both unified and visually diverse, perfectly reflecting your business.

15+ Patterns

15+ unique patterns that offer a vast palette for exploration.

Customizable Options

Easily change font, colors, layout to match your preferences.

Responsive Design

Theme bends to fit needs, ensuring a smooth experience on any screen size.

Multiple Templates

This theme offers multiple templates as a starting point, allowing you to customize it.

Regular Updates

Frequent updates to ensure compatibility with the latest version of WordPress.

Core Block Variations

Custom core block variations of button, list, cover allow you to infuse your design.

Support and Documentation

Detailed documentation to guide you through theme installation, setup,

Diverse Style Variations

Style Variations let you transform the entire look and feel of your website with multiple style variations.